About Us

Who we are

About UsIt’s a small, dedicated team here at Efortysix. Everyone knows they are equally important and that everything we do is about and matters to our customers. Significantly, we’re all passionate about our roles and we take great pride in providing an easy, satisfying and hopefully fun experience for everyone using our site. What’s really important about us is that we will make you feel part of the experience.

We want this to be a community of supporters. We want you to feel like us, passionate and full of pride in your team, show or movie. Being a fan, knowing about us, sharing with other fans about interests; its great fun and something to be proud of.

As a result, we want to engage with our customers. We hope you’ll share your passion with us, as we will with you. It’s okay to be partial. We think it’s also good to tell others about our obsessions. We want to help you feel pride in your passion. Indeed, to help you put a smile on another fan’s face, young or old. We are all devoted; surely its time we all show it.

This is just the beginning! Come with us and start celebrating supporters!


About Us

What we do

We want to help you show your support and passion for the teams and entertainment that you care about. It’s our intention to give you the best deals on the widest selection of items. We want you to be able to show pride and passion.

About Us

Continually we look to expand our range. We want to provide you with the widest range of quality souvenirs and memorabilia possible. But we are not planning to stop there. We want to provide for and support many passions, not just sporting or entertainment.

In coming months our ranges will expand. With this purpose in mind, right now we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you would like to see more of on Efortysix. Are there specific hobbies or pastimes that you find difficult to locate? We’re open to suggestions.

We’re celebrating supporters and building a community. For that reason, if you’d like to blog about your passion and have it published on Efortysix, by all means, use our contact form to get in touch.